Her First Period Kit

Size Guide

The Cottons First Period Kit is a neat little box that contains a variety of Cottons feminine hygiene products. 

Inside, she'll find a two small but mighty resources - 'A Guide to your Period' & 'Periods & Body Talk' with lots of helpful information about what to expect when you have your period and video resources with real girls and experts who demystify what can seem scary and embarrassing early on. 

What's In The Box?

  • 3x Pantyliners
  • 2x Ultra-thin regular pads with wings
  • 2x Ultra-thin super pads with wings
  • 2x Overnight pads with wings
  • 2x Mini Tampons
  • 2x Regular Tampons
  • 'A Guide To Your Period' information booklet
  • Links to video resources