Why Lava Tribe?

Lava Tribe is the result of the years of research and development we've dedicated to creating a range of sportswear and activewear young girls, tweens and teens love. Our fabrics are selected based on their softness, supportiveness and stretchiness. We’ve also doubled down on limiting sensory distractions so girls can focus on their performance, not what they’re wearing. Every crop top and pair of shorts or leggings is constructed using flat rub-seams to limit chafe or irritation.

We know girls love to be on trend and we celebrate this with our vibrant and fun prints. We also create designs that she’ll love wearing to express her sporty style. You’ll find, though, that our waistlines are a touch higher and our shorts are a touch longer. This is because not only are we age conscious (always), we also know that many girls feel more confident when they’re clothing offers a little more coverage.

What are the top 10 features of your sportswear?

                  • Fresh and fun colours and prints
                  • No rub seams
                  • Four-way stretch
                  • Soft touch feel
                  • Draws sweat away from the body
                  • Easy care machine wash
                  • Age conscious
                  • Won’t fall down or ride up
                  • Keeps its shape and colour
                  • Ethical sourcing



These two. Poppy and Cleo.

poppy and cleo lava tribe

Best of friends, fiercest of foes and the inspiration behind the brand.

They’ve always been active. They’ve tried just about everything… although Poppy (right, 13) has been doing karate since she was five. She’s a butt kicking black belt now and literally nothing makes us prouder.

But I digress, they’ve always been active and we found buying decent sports clothes for them an A-grade headache. Steve and I are runners and we love good technical, well constructed gear. It makes training SO much easier when you’re not bogged down in sweat soaked fabric, hoisting up your shorts and restricted in tight, unbreathable material.

We wanted to provide that for our girls when they were sprinting, tumbling, sparring and all the things but we either found boring big brand basics, flimsy cotton or glitter splashed booty shorts 😬😳 for our trouble.

Steve suggested we give it a crack ourselves and here we are. Won’t lie, it’s not easy, but seeing girls kicking active goals in our gear on the daily is fuel enough to keep going a million times over.

Lotsa Lava, Sarahx