Mia Freedman: Lava Tribe product review

March 22, 2021 2 min read


Mia Freedman:
Welcome to Lady Startup Stories where I tell you about a lady startup and how it came about.

This is a brand called Lava Tribe. It's a lady startup run by an out-louder, one of our Mamamia Outloud listeners. That's my lady startup wall behind me that you can see where I put all different lady startup products that I get sent. And Lava Tribe is this gorgeous girls active wear. Check this out. It's so nice, such pretty colour. Bras and socks and all this stuff. Look at this. That's cool.

The lady startup behind this brand is Sarah Greenaway and she says, "As a brand, Lava Tribe is committed to encouraging girls to participate and stay in sport. Our belief is that when girls feel confident and comfortable, if they have a strong foundation from which to achieve their sporting and active goals."

Very true.

"Our active wear is not only super cool to look at, but we have gone through years of development to ensure that they're lightweight, durable, and stay up during vigorous activity. Nothing worse than having to hike your shorts or leggings up during a game or training. And they draw sweat away from the body."

Which is really good because I once was reading about how young girls often stop exercising when they are in their teens and tweens because they don't like the feeling of sweat. They don't like feeling out of breath and sweaty and they're like, "Oh, something's wrong with me."

So drawing sweat away from the body is good. They don't rub and they keep their shape. "We're a new brand, just launched in Feb 19, so we've got a long way to go before a household name, but I'm committed to and loving the process."

That's what I love to hear.

Thanks for your shout-out, Mia! 

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