Activewear for tween and teen girls


Lava Tribe is a collaboration between husband and wife team, Sarah and Steve Greenaway. As the parents of two very sporty girls, we couldn't help but notice the lack of activewear options available to meet tween and teen girls needs. Our girls shunned the mermaids and sequins of the kids aisles but didn't yet fit the older options (which often weren't age appropriate anyway!)

The idea to create our own tween and teen activewear range came from Steve, who combined his creative expertise with Sarah's marketing experience to launch the brand. Our vision was to create suitable, stylish and functional activewear for tweens and teens that would make their Lululemon-clad mums jealous, and we're pleased to say that we've encountered many an envious mum along the way!

We are also committed to celebrating girls' active achievements and motivating them to stay engaged in their sporting pursuits. We do this by sponsoring up-and-coming athletes across a variety of sporting disciplines, shining a light on their achievements to help raise their profiles, and by nurturing our community of active and athletic young women as they lift each other up and celebrate one another's successes.