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Four ways to get the fam moving during self isolation

Covid-19 exercise for family

Let’s get moving

We all know that there’s a long list of health benefits that come with doing regular exercise and keeping fit. With regular physical activity, you’ll see an overall improvement in everyone’s fitness levels, flexibility and mobility. And, importantly, being active improves our mental state and overall mood, which we could all do with right now.

But if we’re already a battling a culture of inactivity brewing across the globe and now we can’t even leave the house, how do we keep our kids (and ourselves) healthy and active? 

The answer?

Make it fun > Make it easy > Make it quick

Your activities don’t have to be elaborate, costly or require a lot of space – they just have to be frequent. Look for ways to bring movement into the day that are fun at the same time, and you’ve got the recipe for a habit that’ll stick. 

Here are four fun, easy and quick ideas to help get you and your kids moving.

1. HIIT it!

A calorie smashing, mindset mending HIIT workout is achievable any time and any where, and coupled with a playlist of great tunes and can-do attitude, it’s a great way for you and your kids to get your sweat on and have fun. To create a HIIT session at home, simply combine a range of strength and cardio exercises that utilise your bodyweight and cycle through them like a circuit with 30-60 second breaks in between each round of exercise, and around two minutes of rest between circuits.

Check out this Workout in 10 Mins from The Healthy Mummy to get started (…but #stayhome)!


2. Dance (because no one’s watching)

Rev your kids up before school and before they sit down for lessons after recess and lunch with a dance off. Crank up a tune or two (your neighbours can’t come around and complain) and turn your lounge room into the hottest club in town… actually, it probably is because all the rest are closed. In the comfort of your home, you can bring back 1985 and whip out the lawnmower and the shopping cart. Remember those (handy and hilarious reminder below)?

Musical statues does the trick well too – just make sure the kids are busting out big energy-burning moves! First to 10 loses the round. Keep a running scoreboard to ignite the kids’ competitive spirit!

The little rush of adrenaline from the fun and heart pumping action will help your kids focus on their lesson to-dos and it’ll also brighten their mood.

3. Start your day with ‘namaste’

This ancient practice, originating from India, is becoming increasingly popular for both its physical and mental benefits. Yoga’s philosophy is to bring the body and mind together and is specifically built around three elements: exercise, breathing and meditation. There’s an array of health benefits to practising yoga, including reducing stress and anxiety, improved concentration and better flexibility and posture and, yes, children and teens are encouraged to practice yoga. Separated from their friends, thrown into a new learning environment and dealing with the uncertainty of when life with get back to normal, it’s understandable that your kids might be experiencing some stress. Yoga is a great way to calm the mind and learn to focus. So don your yoga pants, grab a mat and prepare for those sun salutations.

The Nike Training Club App offers free yoga sessions (and many other types of at-home exercise options), so download to downward dog!

4. Join our lunchtime sessions

Every Tuesday and Thursday while we’re working and learning from home, Lava Tribe’s Chief Mum (me, Sarah), Chief Tween (Poppy) and Chief Girl (Cleo) are hosting free 20-minute movement sessions at lunchtime to help the tribe burn off excess energy, re-focus and improve their overall mood.

Head to our Facebook event page for session details, reminders and catch-up workouts.

We’re for girls who love to move

At Lava Tribe, promoting movement is one of our most treasured values. Now, perhaps more than ever, staying active is critical to keeping us healthy… both physically and mentally.

Stay well, be kind and keep moving.


(Cover image credit Sugarplumtree Mama)

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